But, you don't know how resilient you really are, trust me.

Pediatrics involves far more paperwork, insurance processing, and follow up. My main concern is that there may be new medications in the 3rd edition that I may miss out on. A, a procedure you cannot perform or have tried and failed and need someone else with more experience to try, (a cath, a colonoscoy, a trach, a Lap C)and B, when you cannot solve a problem you have already worked up and cannot figure out the answer/treatment. I have been trying to find answers to some of these questions as well.

So I was just wondering if there were a good amount of spots still open.

Feel free to contact me directly at insidermedical@gmail. When you speak of" tons of hurdles" what do you speak of.

I don't have enough knowledge about medicare/health care changes, so I can't help with that. In closing, the above are my reasons for opting for a linear study schedule and why test prep companies may favor them as well. After that I was put on a remediation plan which actually was going fine. As you saw in other threads i was speakin in general. Research Projects: None really. I know Columbia sends out phone calls or so I've heard, so I'm not sure exactly how we will be notified. I do not think it's anyones goal to control physical therapy.

Have you heard anything as far as a final decision. HCSP may be a better deal for cheap state schools, especially if you want to go career. I'm pretty sure that was the only interview date but I'd call to make sure. I went to other schools for interviews, but I think MWU-IL is the best among them (and thus why I decided to go here). In recent years, (except for last year which was considered somewhat of a fluke) CSU offered into the low 100's from their waitlist! Schizoaffective requires mood symptoms, there is none (patient doesn't really tick any of the SIGECAPS of depression nor does he have manic symptoms) in this patient so D is definitely out. I am not fellowship trained, but I have strong assessment background and that is a rarity among my colleagues? I think us (the applicants) need to submit on Nov 15.

  1. Everything depends on the ability of the community to support an ophthalmologist. If that happens, do some social engineering or just go to a different Best Buy and try again.
  2. I appreciate all the love and support yall -- for real.
  3. Tall round can also mean TTRR or TtRR or TTRr.
  4. I'm a ms3 and want to apply to BNI for residency next year. Does anybody know if Albert Einstein accepts other reading/writing intensive classes (religion, philosophy, anthropology, etc) as okay for fulfilling the 1 year of English requirement.
  5. Employee, part time vs full time et cetera. I'm confused as to what you put under 'Research Experiences' that you wouldn't just put under publications- Great NCC & Stroke programs, lots of experience and history, very active research department.
  6. 1) Now DOs that are in AOA residencies can apply to ACGME fellowships.
  7. I still haven't received a confirmation email also and it has been almost a week now.
  8. At least you were able to get a job as a vet tech, most of us are not even that lucky. We just have evals and exam score cutoffs.
  9. I am not sure as to the stats necessary for out of state/region.
  10. Or not attending college at all if you intend to be a stay at home mom (I know that's probably gonna catch me some grief, but really is it worth it to spend 100k on an education you aren't going to use.
  11. I'm pretty sure you have to give your USMLE regardless. Interviews start in late October, so you should theoretically have your scores back before then.
  12. As you saw in other threads i was speakin in general. To the lurkers, please provide interview offers and date received to help other, you can PM me if you want.

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  • Especially when you had class until 7:30 the night before. Do your homework in the school, that I can't stress enough.
  • I figured that I could use this time to prepare myself for the list of premed classes I need to take by studying at home so I purchased some text books for the classes. I've been in 3 serious relationships between high school and college so I've never been the guy to bring a random girl home every weekend, so what's the deal with women putting down other women so much.
  • This theoretically wouldn't be that worrisome if we didn't already have a good amount of evidence that most for profit education is inferior to not for profit education in the quality of product it puts out and the ability for its students to complete their mission...
  • In need of guidance (I already have a B. I've know the left shin has been numb for several years and always assumed it had to do with round house kicks from karate and bone on bone blocks I would use!
  • Anyone apply to UC schools & what are your stats.
  • My alumni network (George Mason University) has virtually no one in their database.
  • Mad Jack, gasdoc77, DrZzZz and 2 others like this. I'm pretty sure they only see what you enter into AACOMAS, or else the Physics problem I had would have never been an issue as the school would have seen that I had taken it.
  • Most of what they focus on is how they have tons of time off and how their lifestyle is so great.
  • By then I would have written Step 1,2CK and 2CS.
  • The division of work also is ridiculously skewed among residents. All course requirements can be found in the 2009 College Information Book.
  • I know you posted this about a year ago. Does anyone know what happens during the period of time between graduation (mid May) and the start of COT on July 1.

I hope you get some input from Cirrus users. My exam felt pretty light on trauma, and heavy on ortho. Just figure out the main concepts, focus on them and move into the details once you understand the main concepts. Friendly_female_house, Aerus, ovenmitts and 1 other person like this. I sincerely believe that not many will be able to do their residencies in the US. I'm one of the six people left on the planet that doesn't have a Facebook account.

Admittedly I no longer follow this forum all that closely (I have that whole med school curriculum thing going on), but SDN has a few favorites.

My overall impression is that with 10-12 residents and not being front loaded the work was pretty reasonable for a hospital this size. Wants to gauge exactly how rigorous of a first year I am getting into, especially with the deadline for making a decision drawing up so soon. Maybe just remote FaceTime with them and e-prescribe with no brick and morter building at all. Psych in Indiana practically has a monopoly and u can literally do anything. I'm currently receiving k in grants and scholarships from. . El país mas cercano para hacer el USMLE es en la República Dominicana y solo puedes hacer el Step 1 y Step 2 CS fuera de los Estados Unidos.

Anyway, as a graduate of one of those evidently inferior east coast medical schools who obviously must not be all that high-achieving (not even doing postgrad training in vaunted Ontario), I find your comments to be ignorant and Ontario-centric. I'm not on the committee so I don't know for sure. Describe the institutional policies and procedures that are in place to ensure that students receive formal feedback at the mid-point of a clerkship/clerkship rotation... Purdue's supplemental app is all about the pre-reqs too. What. These medscape surveys are known to be grossly flawed.

I'm hoping that since I don't have any other acceptances, Einstein assumed I'd be interested in an invite so they didn't bother sending me a current interest email.

I figured I'd write a little blurb here because something like this would've helped me last year. OHSU (Dierks, Potter, Bell, Bui, Chang in July)- ablative and flapsThat is right— you are bound to attend Drexel?

Thanking people and letting them know I got in is at the top of my list: all the doctors I shadowed, my premed advisor, my recommendation writers.

La Jolla is a beautiful place, but those stats are really working against applicants like you and me.

Acceptance letters were sent today for the Wash U TL-1 program, for those that applied. I figured since I have never been there, I might as well drink a little Vegas lite. Warkentin came up with it, he did this for the "last T" oTher Like you said, easier to remember - if you don't buy it, look at his original. But the notion that NPs receive training better than a PA is flat wrong. Chem 161(1 of 3 for Bio major 6 credit hours)- class ends Dec 8 currently have a B in course possible to get an AMy partner and I have been together for more than 10 years and she works at the medical school I attend. Submit your information to the last line of the post EACH time you get a new invite so we can have a rolling thread (new post every time someone gets an invite). Said, "This puts a whole new face on the matter. But in my mind, only for the shy, the quiet, the awkward, or the blatantly egotistical. This was one of the possible essay topics at an interview of mine coincidentallySuch level of excitement usually is a result of imagination and not reality. Read a point/counterpoint thing in PMR a few months ago on holding anti platelet agent...

We take pride in understanding a candidate’s skill set, experience and needs and then pairing them up with the right organization. Lots of people take a year off if they feel like they lack research so this is always an option. It is still very early in the process.

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While some classmates may be beating me on lecture tests, I am doing very well on random questions from Q banks. I didn't even know there was an EMS forum. I just found out I passed as well.

Sometimes, it is not a matter of right and wrong, it is about making a choice that will cause least amount of damage to your loved ones. That is so far below the median (100K is 14th percentile last time I checked) that there must be some significant extenuating circumstances. It will show you how you have the option to skip a question and come back during your "review" of the block. AlmostJesus, Mar 11, 2011, in forum: What Are My Chances.

I was very upset about my situation, but I had to let it go.
I'll let the MS-2s and beyond answer questions about the curriculum beyond Fall 1. I agree, oklahoma is really warm or hot. Really like this school but not liking my chancesI know that no matter what, there might not be any coming back from a poor GPA.

I am a HUGE book person - like I have an entire 2-3 full bookshelves of medical textbooks, and I would still tell you to wait til you get over there to buy them.

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